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"no one can be racist against white people because white privilege and institutionalized oppression." Okay, no. /Anyone/ can be racist against /anyone/. This really isn't hard to figure out. Do you truly believe that white people are the only race in history to ever oppress another group of people?


White people cannot and do not experience racism. Racism is institutionalized, not isolated instances of prejudice.


Why do whites always think it’s bad that they can’t experience racism? Should be fucking glad about if

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White Wash: White Wash


do not confine yourself to asphalt…

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Hatshepsut was one of the most powerful women in the ancient world. She was the fifth pharaoh of the Eighteenth Dynasty of Ancient Egypt and she ruled longer than any other woman in Egyptian history. Hatshepsut was married to her sickly half brother, Thutmose II, and the two of them began to co-rule after the death of their father, Thutmose I, in 1492 BC In 1479 BC, Thutmose II died and Hatshepsut continued to rule by herself until her own death in 1458 BC. It is believed by many Egyptologists and historians that Hatshepsut was one of Ancient Egypt’s most successful monarchs. She commissioned many building projects and reestablished trade networks that had been disrupted by the Hyksos invaders of the Second Intermediate Period. Hatshepsut also led a large-scale expedition to the Land of Punt, a wealthy and sophisticated country to the south of Egypt. Hatshepsut is also believed to have led successful military campaigns in Nubia, the Levant, and Syria during her reign.

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"This is the shit im talking bout…"

said when something you expect happens. African American Proverb (via blackproverbs)

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I'M SO FRUSTRATED this person keeps debating the shooting with me and keeps bringing up Mike Brown's "history." This person believes that he charged at Wilson, and I don't know how to refute that specific claim... btw-thank you so much for this blog♡

1. All eyewitnesses agree that Mike Brown did not charge at Darren Wilson:

2. Bring up Darren Wilson’s history:

Bonus info:


Reminder: you cannot convince people who do not want to be convinced…some people do not want to be convinced racism exists (unless ofc it’s “reverse racism”) because honestly acknowledging systemic anti-Blackness in a zero-sum game world makes them less innocent and less meritorious, and some people simply won’t ever be convinced because they’ve been drinking White supremacy koolaid their entire lives and are desperate to protect that privilege even if it means engaging in hegemony, and still others will engage in arguments about race not because they don’t understand, but for no other reason than to have an excuse to spew their hatred under the guise of playing “devil’s advocate” or “honest debate

And some people are just racist

Bottom line: Mike Brown was unarmed and was not a threat. Period. No White person in America would stand for Black cops shooting so many unarmed White teens with no immediate arrests and prosecutions

Darren Wilson needs to be arrested for murder and prosecuted immediately

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Help me locate my younger brother.


His name is Rayshawn. He ran away to NYC and is believed to be somewhere in Manhattan (i know, it’s huge). We haven’t seen him in over 2 weeks and have no way of contacting him. I’m very worried about his well being.  He skateboards so he might be riding around on one. Idk. I just really need to talk to him or at least know that he’s okay. 

I don’t really have any good pics but here are twoimage


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