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When Beyonce released a song about how women run the world, with video set in a post-apocalyptic landscape which had women of varying race, ethnicity and body sizes confronting a group of male soldiers, the response was that she was out of touch and clearly had no idea…

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So let’s talk about this idea that racist depictions in the media is a thing of the past for black people again. Or not. People could just try looking shit up.

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"One chapter closes and another one opens as always and I’ve had quite the experience working on this show" - Rutina Wesley

Rutina in Glamoholic Magazine Summer Special  2014

there’s not enough of this face

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so questlove just gonna cosign with t.i. on iggy’s black appropriation being okay?

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my whole life consists of wondering whether or not to make the bitchy comment

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okay but what the actual fuck is this? who do you think you are? why did you think it was okay to do this?

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